• Studio Proper POS Pivot stand with Universal Adapter

  • $129.00

  • Description

    Connect POS Pivot Stand Kit

    What’s in the box:
    - Connect POS Pivot Stand
    - Tablet Adapter. Compatible with all tablets.

    A low-set countertop stand designed to blend seamlessly into the interior of any environment, putting an emphasis on human interaction, while keeping your point-of-sale hardware virtually invisible.

    - Mount your device to the stand with a simple twist + click.
    - Display your device in either portrait or landscape orientation with ease.
    - Low-set form factor that blends seamlessly into every environment.
    - Keeping your device locked securely in place, and keeping you stress-free.
    - Can be screwed down or securely adhered to almost any countertop.
    - Position your device at the perfect angle with a fully adjustable pivot point.

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